Hi, I’m Diane!


This is the full version of the photo I use for profile pictures.  Cropping our the sunglasses makes it so much more professional.

Today, I bit the bullet, paid for a domain, and decided to start a blog.

I’m a millennial, so of course, I’ve blogged on Myspace and blogger…this was many moons ago and usually fueled by a break up or some other emo thing.

I’d been thinking about blogging again, but I didn’t really have a purpose or clear goal in mind.  I still don’t really, but now I have a place to put my thoughts and ideas…which I guess is a purpose…kinda.

I want this blog to be a reflection of what’s going on with me…so here’s a little bit more about me:

I live in Santa Monica…with my awesome boyfriend.

I work in Customer Success…and start a new job on Monday.

I like hiking with my friends…but don’t get up early for it.

I like to stay active…by taking spin or lifting weights.

Obviously, there’s more…but that’s what other posts are for!

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