My Non-Thinking Space

Week 3 of the Support Driven Challenge is supposed to be about our thinking space.

After thinking about where my thinking space was I realized I don’t have a thinking space.  My brain kinda just goes…

With that being said, it’s not unusual to find me zoned out or seemingly daydreaming at any point in the day. What I really struggle with is not thinking.

I tend to overanalyze and contemplate things way too much.  What really helps me is turning off.  It’s kind of like when you reset a computer and what ever wasn’t working magically starts working.

My non-thinking place is… spin class.

I usually go 2-3 times a week.  It’s 45 min where instead of thinking about life, I forget and just enjoy the class.  My favorite instructors have the best music and it’s a time to just have fun, pay attention to the beat, and focus on challenging myself physically.

Whenever I start thinking about life (as opposed to focusing on the ride) I tend to lose the beat and get annoyed.  It’s like a literal jolt to remember class is for spinning and none of the stuff going on in the world outside.

Sometimes, the best approach to solving problems is taking a step back and that’s exactly what spin lets me do.


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