The Multi-Tasking Mentee

Meeting with your mentor regularly is a requirement of the mentor everywhere program.

Due to…life, Chris & I had to push back our most recent meeting 2x. I decided against rescheduling for a third time and instead decided to become the multi-tasking mentee.

What that really means, is we decided to meet this month via a phone call.  The multi-tasking part comes from the fact that I was driving during our call!

I have bluetooth and was driving on the very straight and traffic free 5, so it was perfectly safe and legal 🙂

Another added fun fact to this call was that my boyfriend was in the car too.  So he got to hear our conversation and learn a little more about what’s going on in the mentorship.

To begin our call we did a quick catch up about how things had been going for me at my new job; which was a great way to easily/organically cover topics that we both wanted to discuss.

I updated him on how happy I’ve been with the team.  Everyone has been very open to my feedback, ideas, and opinions and is willing to “discuss the why” when I have questions.

One of the most interesting challenges, although I’m not sure challenge is the best word, for me has been understanding the company’s relationship with the customer.   What I’m talking about, is more of the intricacies rather than the overarching relationship/attitude.  Chris was able to grasp that and offer some great advice and insights on how to gain clarification.

I also mentioned how I feel like much of my role is preparing the team to grow.  I love helping to make future people’s job easier, so it’s something I’m excited about.  My biggest takeaway from this part of the conversations was to document what I do and how it helps the company.

I instantly knew it was great advice.

I’m horrible about keeping track of what I actually do.  I tend to do my best/work hard and find satisfaction in qualitatively “feeling” the impact of my work.  Which makes me less inclined to actually track, or even recall, the things that I’ve done/accomplished at work.

It was a well-timed reminder as I’m finally to the point where I’m not in training mode at work.

My last question was about other people participating in the program.  I’m curious to see if we can read each other’s posts about the experience.

We’re meeting again next month and I’m hoping to have even more of an update.



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